Some report issues using NY Voter Registration website

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Last week marked the deadline to register to vote in New York, but as some double checked their status online, they were surprised to see they weren’t in the state’s system.

Three weeks until this year’s presidential election, Selkirk resident Delores Shook wanted to double check her voter registration status.

She’s glad she did because when she looked up her information, an error message popped up showing she wasn’t accounted for.

“It threw me off.”

Shook hasn’t felt compelled to visit the polls in 6 years, but the dynamic this year is enough to break the streak.

“I knew it was important for me to vote this year so I wanted to make sure I was registered.”

Eager to vote in the upcoming presidential election, Shook went online to verify her voter status, but according to the state’s system, she didn’t exist.

She isn’t the only one running into this problem.

Several other registered voters say a quick search of their info, turned up ‘no matches.’

“What we see sometimes is our system for the voter lookup can be a little rigid,” Thomas Connolly, Deputy Director of Public Information at the New York State Board of Elections, said.

Connolly says they run into similar issues at every election.

He says they’ve received a few calls and ironed out the wrinkles. He’s assuring registered voters that they won’t be held up at the polls.

“There could be a possibility of a typo on the voter registration record itself,” Connolly said. “There could be a matter of somebody having moved and did not update their registration. There are times where there might be a delay or some sort of IT glitch that is preventing updated information from getting to us, but that’s all usually remedied pretty quickly.”

After calling the Board of Elections directly, Shook got the good news she was hoping for.

“She put my name in and I am registered to vote,” Shook said.

She urges others to do the same because three words almost cost her her vote.

“It got me thinking because if I didn’t call, I wouldn’t go vote.”

If you repeatedly have trouble finding yourself in the state system, it may not matter as long as you are accounted for within your local board of elections’ system.

Check to see your voter registration status:

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