Four people found guilty in child sex abuse case sentenced to life in prison

Top: Van Alphen, Shackleton / Bottom: Van Alphen, Wendover

HUDSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Four people will spend the rest of their lives behind bars in what a judge called a despicable case of child abuse.

They were convicted in August of more than 45 charges for running a child sex ring. The judge sentenced Goliath Van Alphen, his ex-wife Jeanine Van Alphen-Moot, William Wendover III, and Eugene Shackelton to 25 years to life on many of the charges.

“You did the most vile, despicable acts that could possibly be done by one person to another,” the judge said. “You did it to children who had nobody to protect themselves. You did it to them when they were defenseless.”

Before sentencing, the judge read an impact statement from one of the victims, who said the defendants ruined their life.


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