Albany woman claims cat killed after being scared out of 8 story building

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A Capital Region woman says she’s seeking justice for her cat after she claims her pet was scared out of an eight story window.

Cellphone videos and pictures are all Karleen Brookshire has now of her cat Perseaus.

“She didn’t scratch anyone, so, I don’t know why anyone would do that,” Karleen said.

Karleen says someone killed her cat while her aunt was temporarily looking after Persaus at Albany’s Lincoln Square apartments.  Karleen had been busy giving birth to and caring for her infant daughter.

Karleen had been busy giving birth to and caring for her infant daughter.

She was told a friend of her aunt had scared the cat while it sat in a window.

“He threw a slipper at her in the window and the screen was loose,” Karleen said. “She got scared and fell out, hit a tree and then the ground.”

Perseaus was killed from the fall.

“I don’t think this was an accident because I hear he goes and throws a liquor bottle at her and laughs like it’s a joke.”

Shock and grief turned to anger and Karleen filed a police report. NEWS10 ABC confirmed there is an open investigation into the allegations surrounding the cat’s death. Karleen says investigators are not holding out much hope because a key witness is not cooperating.

Karleen said she confronted the man on Facebook. She says he wrote back with a message saying it was an accident, denied throwing the bottle at the cat, and he didn’t know the screen was loose.

NEWS10 reporter Anya Tucker spoke with Karleen’s aunt off camera. She said she was not at home during the alleged incident. She also said the man is actually a friend of her brother’s, and he’s no longer welcome at her place.

Albany Police say the case is hard to pursue minus that witnesses testimony.

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