Woman accused of DWI while transporting developmentally disabled passengers suspended

WARRENSBURG, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A woman who is accused of driving intoxicated while transporting developmentally disabled passengers has been suspended without pay.

Brianna Norton, 24, is accused of causing a head on crash at the intersection of Horicon Avenue and Main Street in Warrensburg. Police say she was intoxicated and driving two people with developmental disabilities.

“It really is something that goes against the grain of what AIM services stands for,” AIM Services Spokesman Walt Adams said.

Adams says Norton has been working at their Saratoga facility for over a year.

“[There were] no signs that there was a problem along this line. We don’t know if it was something that happened to her recently but just unacceptable behavior.”

No one was injured and aim says Norton’s passengers are doing well.

AIM says they are taking steps to make sure this never happens again.

“I think it’s a close personal relationship with each person that’s hired so it’s a part of the HR process as with all businesses to really get to know that person before the hire. It’s a challenge for all agencies,” Adams said.

Norton still has yet to be arraigned that’s why police have not gotten us a mug shot yet.

She is being treated for psychological concerns.

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