Nearing peak season for fall foliage, the science behind the colors

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The fall foliage is peaking all over New York State, especially right here in the Capital Region.

The foliage depends on geographic factors, so depending on where you are, the leaf colors could be duller or more intense.

The leaf colors change because of chlorophyll, a chemical that helps absorb energy from the sun and uses that energy to help the trees grow.

When fall hits, the chlorophyll disappears, and so does the green color. This leaves behind the colors underneath like the yellows, reds and oranges seen during the fall.

The weather also has an impact on fall foliage. Shorter, cooler days, rain or drought, and an early frost are all changes that can take away from the glory of the leaf spotting experience.

To see some amazing local fall foliage photos follow “ILoveNY” on Instagram.

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