Local school district honoring deceased veterans with diploma

BERNE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Local American heroes who died in the line of duty are being remembered Monday night.

It’s something they never had the chance to do. Vietnam Veterans who went off to fight for our country and ended up paying the ultimate sacrifice, but they finally receive those diplomas.

We might take it for granted now, going to high school, getting your education, and starting a life.

For many who served in Vietnam, it simply wasn’t an option. Being drafted at a young age, many men never returned home.

Stuart Mosely’s brother Richard was one of them.

“I miss him. You always miss your big brother, and I miss him,” Mosley said.

So was Mary Bell’s brother Eugene Curless Jor.

On Monday evening, these siblings return to Berne-Knox-Westerlo High School to receive the honorary diplomas on behalf of their siblings.

“I’m flattered. I am just so happy. I wish my parents were here to see it,” Mosley said.

“It makes me feel good because he did quit school to go serve our country. And I think it’s great when our guys are out there serving our country and they should all be treated with great respect,” Bell said.

Dozens gathered to cheer them on. Other Vietnam Veterans were also honored and road signs with their names will be placed in town.

Patty Gilbert-Wagoner remembers when her brother Glen was killed in Vietnam.

“It was devastating. It was awful. I couldn’t believe it. And then we had the army come to our door not once, but twice to tell us.” Gilbert-Wagoner said.

She agrees that these heroes deserve the recognition.

“It’s about time they got shown the respect they deserve from so many years ago,” Gilbert-Wagoner said.

Decades later, veterans who gave this country everything they had, have the graduation they deserve.

Mosley knows his brother would be happy to see it.

“I love him and I miss him and I hope he’s at peace,” Mosley said.

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