Enter if you dare: Tour of the most haunted spots inside the NY State Capitol

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Halloween is right around the corner and that might mean that some of you are looking for the scariest spots in the area.

Legend says when the lights go out and the Capitol is empty, spirits make themselves known.

The Capitol Hauntings Tours are done every year in October to tell the scariest stories that have happened there.

“A tragic affair happened in the Capitol this morning. One that shocked the nerves of the stoutest hearted that saw its results,” Tour Guide Fred Schrock said.

That’s from a newspaper clipping dated April 17, 1890 when a man threw himself off the 3rd story landing on the Senate stairs.

“Even today there are reports of people ascending and descending the senate staircase and seeing dark objects float around the second and third floors.”

If you believe in animism, it’s the belief that there are spirits inside of various objects or places.

The million dollar staircase can seem spookier than usual as you look into the faces of past presidents, statesmen and even demons.

“There are hundreds and hundreds of other faces that we think are the people of Albany. They are the friends and family of the people that carved them,” Schrock said.

Perhaps the creepiest of the carvings is the smallest.

“There’s one carving that people ask about the most, especially around now, it’s called the Capitol demon.”

Legend says it was carved by a man who was fired in 1899 and wanted to leave his mark and a curse on all who entered the building.

“He broke into the building one night when no one was around and he made one last carving of the devil.”

Capitol Hauntings is booked up through the rest of October. If you’re brave enough, you can head inside the Capitol yourself and check out some of those spooky spots.

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