Yes to Sex? App gives users less awkward way to give consent

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The app “Yes to Sex” is supposed to give users safe, sexual consent with less awkwardness.

After a series of questions, two potential sexual partners can record their approval into the app, which is free to download. The responses are saved in a database for over a year.

The target audience is younger people, specifically college students.

Some Youngstown State students say the Yes to Sex app sounds like a good idea, but they aren’t going to download it onto their phones anytime soon.

“I think it’s a little iffy because even though it’s saying you are giving consent, people can say yes to anything when they’re drunk,” said sophomore Mia Wilborn.

At the end of the process, the app does warn if consent is withdrawn or the partner says a safe word, sexual activity must stop.

Even though they won’t download the app, YSU juniors Johnny Kidd and Jeremy Billett say it could be useful.

“I feel like it provides documentation and it’s probably like a safety net for the girl of the guy if any incident would happen,” Kidd said.

Billett says the Yes to Sex app is a good idea for people who do a lot of online dating.

“I think it would be better so you know a little bit more about the person you’re talking to.”

The app’s website says, legally, a user won’t be boxed in just by using the app. Yes to Sex’s legal tab states if a victim agrees that at one time consent to sexual activity was given, but then sexual actions exceeded the scope of the consent or consent was withdrawn, a recording of consent would not be admissible.

The app creator says Yes to Sex launched in April of this year and already has over 50,000 downloads.

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