Two students injured in shooting outside Linden-McKinley High School

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Two boys were shot outside their school this afternoon on the front lawn of the Linden McKinley STEM Academy.

It happened just after class was dismissed for the day, around 2:40pm.

“All I heard is these gunshots go off,” said Ya’mya Wilson, a junior at the school. “I literally started crying.”

Police said two boys, ages 12 and 15, were hit. They were rushed to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. One boy was shot in the shoulder, the other in the chest. Both are now in stable condition.

Eric Tanner was passing by the school when it happened. He said a teacher, who is also a registered nurse, came outside to help.

“Probably saved that boy’s life, because the boy was bleeding out,” he said.

Columbus Police Sgt. Rich Weiner said one of the boys who was shot made it back inside where they found the school nurse treating his wounds.

“I don’t feel safe around here,” Wilson said. “We’ve been on lock down every other month. That’s crazy. I don’t even feel safe at school.”

Parents here say they’re worried about their children’s safety.

“They are learning. They shouldn’t have to worry about walking in the door, getting shot up, getting on the bus, getting shot up. It’s their job to keep them safe,” said Shantelle Johnson, a parent.

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