New PlayStation Virtual Reality has hit the shelves

(NEWS10) – The newest form of gaming has hit the shelves as of 12:01am Thursday. PlayStation VR was released early this morning.

To celebrate the launch of PlayStation VR Thursday in North America, Sony held a midnight release launch event at Sony Square NYC where President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn Layden, made the first sale at 12:01am ET.

Layden said that it’s been over 4 years of work to get to today. He says to finally see this revolutionary idea come to fruition is extremely gratifying, and Sony fans around the world whole heartedly agree.

“It’s a completely new technology and platform for us. It’s not just an extension of console gaming, it brings a whole new way to experience entertainment inside a completely immersive experience where narration takes on a whole new meaning,” said Layden.

“I’ve never been first in line before for anything. I’ve wanted this thing for quite some time, and I’m absurdly excited so here I am. I got here a little bit earlier just for this and I’m first in line. I’m surprised.”

PlayStation VR will deliver a true virtual reality gaming experience for the over 40 million who already own a PlayStation 4 system at a competitive price point for the high-end VR market ($399). For those who have not yet purchased a PlayStation 4, the new slimmer PS4 is now available for $299.

Hundreds of fans and gamers lined up for a chance to be among the first to play and purchase PlayStation VR at midnight launch event at Sony Square NYC and at select Best Buy and GameStop stores across the country.

The same will more than likely be the case for the next few days as the popularity of this new form of gaming grows. It should make for an interesting Christmas season.

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