Proposals to make boating on Lake George safer should be in place by spring

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – After a busy and treacherous summer on Lake George, the Lake George Park Commission has a new mission to keep the lake safer next summer

Multiple accidents have prompted the Park Commission to create new boat training guidelines

“All the rental companies do have a protocol for talking to people about these things, but it’s a little bit not as consistent as we might want,” Dave Wick, Executive Director at the Lake George Park Commission, said.

Working with local marinas, the Park Commission has created a standardized training plan for all renters before they take to the water. Marinas will now have to provide hands-on lessons, information cards, and make renters watch an instructional video.

“That just talks about safety in the lake speed limits buoys the standard things”

So how do local boaters feel about the new concept?

“If there was a seminar or little course it would put me at ease a little more I would bet,” Boater Scott Auten said.

“I think that will be helpful,” Boater Vicky Auten said.

Local officials seem to agree on the new concept.

“We’ve had nothing but support from the marinas around the lake,” Wick said. “The Lake George Association has been very active in working on this with us. The mayor of Lake George all the supervisors are also behind this as is the county sheriff’s office and the district attorney’s office,” Wick said.

With everyone on board, the new training standards should be prepped and in place by the spring.

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