Mom finds worms in can of baby formula

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (WCMH) – Taylor Seyler from Independence, Missouri became a first-time mom when her son Keighan was born two months ago.

She breastfeeds exclusively but needed a little help to supplement. That’s when she bought a can of Similac baby formula and made a bottle for her son.

“Two ounces down I noticed the worms and I was like ‘oh, that’s great,’” she said. “Took it from his mouth, went and put a napkin over the faucet and we poured it down the drain and we saw the maggots on it.”

Her story isn’t a unique one.

Helen Williamson had a similar experience with Nutramigen formula.

“I went to burp her like normal. I happened to glance over at the bottle and saw you know waves. I pick up the bottle and hold it in the light and I see worms like inching up. Pick up the can and looked at it and saw pieces of the formula moving inside the can. So I was like oh my gosh,” said Williamson. “I just feel like they’re not doing something right because there wouldn’t be, I’m sorry they look like maggots to me. There wouldn’t be maggots crawling around in my baby’s bottle.”

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