Local teen makes history winning international gaming competition

SOUTH KOREA (NEWS10) – A Delmar teenager has become the first foreigner in history to win a premier South Korean StarCraft II Tournament.

Last week, 18-year-old Alex Sunderhaft, otherwise known as Neeb in the gaming world, took home big money after beating several professional gamers during the six-day tournament.

NEWS10 ABC first introduced you to Alex two years ago when he had just turned pro and was practicing for tournaments in his Delmar bedroom while going to high school. As soon as he graduated in June, he moved straight to South Korea – with his parents’ blessing – where he has been training hard ever since.

And it has paid off.

He plays up to 300 games in a week, which has culminated in him winning $74,000 so far in 2016 and making history last week. Neeb is so hot right now, you can find everything from memes to fan videos about him.

His proud parents in Delmar say Alex is now preparing for an upcoming StarCraft II Tournament in Brazil and then the world championship in Los Angeles in November.

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