Homeless experience difficulties after Hurricane Matthew

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) — As Hurricane Matthew swept through the area, homeless Hampton Roads residents found themselves seeking shelter.

“The wind and rain found it’s way in every crack and crevice,” said Banaro Garrett, who says he was able to stay at his cousin’s home.

Garrett says when disaster hit, the homeless suffer twice as much because resources and volunteers dwindle.

“When those who are not homeless suffer, you can imagine what the homeless encounter,” Garrett said.

Captain John Blevins, with the Salvation Army, says the homeless population’s vulnerability puts them at risk.

“They’re exposed to the elements of any given day. When you have a storm like Matthew come in, the services, the facilities, the homeless rely on for shelter and food get interrupted,” Blevins said.

Blevins said the Salvation Army sheltered around 40 people the night the storm rolled through.

According to Blevins, the organization was prepared to travel south to help out with hurricane relief in other southern states. He said they’re glad they were able to help provide help in Hampton Roads.

“Everyone that comes to us deserves dignity, deserves hope, and hopefully that’s what we’ve been able to give individuals this past weekend in the storm,” he said.

Donate to the Salvation Army here.

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