Local students at Siena College react to second presidential debate

LOUDONVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — All eyes were on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Sunday night as they faced off in their second debate.

The Republican and Democratic groups at Siena College held a watch party for students at their library.

They enjoyed pizza and drinks while watching a stream of the debate on a big screen.

NEWS10 ABC’s Lauren Linder got reaction from both Clinton and Trump supporters:

“I think Donald Trump did a really good job tonight,” Michael Bove, a sophomore at Siena College, said. “I think he was able to stay on topic, talk a lot about policy and also really talk about Hillary Clinton and her shortcomings while she was Secretary of State.”

“I think tonight’s debate was a test of temperament,” KellyRose Marry, a senior at Siena College, said. “While I think that both of the candidates inability to stay within a two minute time period question was laughable, I think that one candidate’s particular temperament was not, and I don’t think it’s the temperament of a U.S. presidential candidate.”

For the entire interviews, watch the video above.

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