Professional clown laments impostors ruining the clown reputation

MASON CITY, Iowa – It’s not uncommon for police to receive calls that people are dressing up as clowns and standing around in public.

“Why are you doing that, why are you wrecking a good thing. You’re just putting fear in everyone else,” Nancy Wolf said.

Nancy Wolf is otherwise known as “1/2 Pint.”  She’s been a clown for more than 30 years.  From birthday parties to church outings, she normally loves her job.

“I heard they’re even shooting clowns going down the streets, calling the cops because there’s a clown running around.  Now, you and I interviewing people are watching us, oh man there’s a clown call the cops, it’s not right,” Wolf said.

This craze of dressing up as a clown and walking around in public, hiding in woods, even carrying a weapon at times is scary.  Cops are putting out warnings; anyone dressing up with the intent of causing trouble could be arrested. “1/2 Pint” stresses she’s in fear for her safety.

“I’m really like what’s next.  First it’s one thing then it’s another.  Now it’s clowns. I’m just hoping that people don’t come after me. I don’t know they might, might not,” Wolf said.

Some aren’t fazed by the current trend.

“I’m not terrified of clowns, but I think it’s out of hand,” Elizabeth Howard said.

“I think it’s a joke. I don’t take it serious though like a lot of people,” Revel Toney said.

But they don’t think it will go away soon.

“I think once Halloween comes it’s going to be worse.  Anybody can dress as a clown it’s Halloween,” Toney said.

Those like “1/2 Pint” are just looking forward to the day when a clown can just be a traditional entertainer.

“It makes me feel good inside.  I can be somebody that I’m not.  Make people smile that one little smiles goes on forever,” Wolf said.

Chief Jeff Brinkley with the Mason City Police Department reminds you it’s not illegal to dress as a clown.  To be reasonable, let behavior drive you before calling someone in.  He’s hoping this passes like Pokémon Go.

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