Hudson Falls couple survives Hurricane Matthew in the Bahamas

FREEPORT, BAHAMAS (NEWS10) – As people on the Florida coast watched Hurricane Matthew make landfall on Friday, others in the Caribbean are picking up the pieces.

A Hudson Falls family has owned a condo in the Bahamas for six years and was vacationing there when Hurricane Matthew made its way through.

“We thought is it a three? Nope, it’s a four,” Kimberley White said. “I’m like, what does that mean?”

White and her husband didn’t know what to expect from the hurricane before it made landfall in the Bahamas.

“There was nothing we could do to prevent it or worry about it,” she said. “Just take it, you know.”

The couple got to their condo in Freeport on Saturday and hoped the storm would weaken, but it didn’t.

“It just seemed like it was picking up,” White said.

By Tuesday, all flights were grounded, and they couldn’t get a ferry to Fort Lauderdale. The resort started boarding up doors.

At first, all White and others could see were sunny skies. But by Thursday afternoon, White said it started raining, the wind started to get stronger, and eventually, their balcony fell over.

The Whites then went down to the main lobby to tell someone.

“We just heard this huge thump, and we didn’t know what it was, but we knew it was from above,” White explained.

It was their air conditioner, which is now hanging off their patio.

“There was probably at least an inch of water on the floor,” White said. “The curtains done. There was sawdust.”

White said the hurricane ripped through their neighbor’s condo and tore down all of the insulation and destroyed their belongings.

“That unit is entirely gutted,” she said.

While the sun was back out Friday afternoon, the resort and White’s condo look much different.

“I don’t even know how they’re going to begin to repair,” she said.

White said they could be without power for weeks or months. They hope to take the ferry to Florida either Saturday or Sunday.

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