New Mexicans on the fence about newly invented tortilla toaster

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – There are very few places in the country where tortillas are as important as they are in New Mexico. Now a Chicago company thinks it has an invention everyone will love.

It’s a first-of-its kind toaster made just for tortillas.

But when it comes to homemade tortillas, Irene Dominguez, will tell you there’s nothing like a fresh one straight from the grill.

Jay Gruthie, with Duran’s Central Pharmacy, said for the last 30 years every morning batch of tortillas gets started with Dominguez, and customers agree.

“They’d never be as good as Duran’s homemade tortillas,” Sharon Johnson said.

The start-up company, Nuni, claims the invention is a time savor and that it doesn’t change the authentic taste of each tortilla; but New Mexicans have their doubts.

“It’s like they’re stealing my culture,” Anna Padilla said. “When I make tortillas I make like them off the ‘comal’ there is nothing like a fresh tortilla.”

“I really wouldn’t buy something like that because I think the culture here likes to have their tortillas warmed up on the stove, even burned a little on the edges,” Jennifer Montano said.

The company boasts that people can put in six tortillas at a time and after sixty seconds, they’re ready. The toaster even comes in colors for every kitchen and can toast both corn and flour tortillas.

Nuni is crowdfunding to raise $100,000 to mass produce and market the tortilla toasters.

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