Local humane society takes in pets from SC as Hurricane Matthew approaches

MENANDS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Hurricane Matthew has people preparing and evacuating from coastal cities in the U.S., but it has animal shelters trying to move the pets there, too.

Twenty cats and nine dogs arrived at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society on Thursday.

The shelters in Beaufort County South Carolina are clearing out ahead of Hurricane Matthew.

“The whole county was told to evacuate from what I understand. So that’s why it was really rushed.” Debbie Goodaker, an ASPCA trainer, said.

Goodaker is just one of the people taking these cats and dogs on the several hour journey to safety.

“This is an awesome day for them. This is their second chance at life,” Goodaker said.

Hurricane Matthew is heading up the east coast and is expected to be off the shore of South Carolina Friday night.

“The federal government has mandated that there is a plan everywhere for companion animals when there is a disaster.” Brad Sear, Executive Director of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, said.

Shear says they partner with other shelters around the country to help when a disaster like this hits.

“If we can make more space, we can help more animals. This is not over and we know if the hurricane hits there, there is probably going to be a call for us to do something similar.”

The animals will have some time to rest and then be checked out by a veterinarian before going up for adoption.

“The faster we can get animals adopted and make space, the more animals were going to be able to take out of that disaster area and get them safe homes.”

Goodaker says the pets can even tell when they are close to being safe and out of harm’s way from the storm.

“As we pulled in it’s like they can sense this is where we are, we have arrived, and this is fabulous. This is home now,” Goodaker said.

The shelter wants to get the pets adopted as soon as they can so they can open up more space in the event, even more, animals need to be transferred after the storm.

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