Hurricane Matthew affects travel for some in Capital Region

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Hurricane Matthew is impacting some travel at the Albany International Airport.

One flight coming in from Fort Lauderdale was cancelled, and an outgoing flight to Fort Lauderdale Thursday evening was cancelled as well.

However, the risk for some didn’t outweigh the reward.

Pat Jasinski from Utica, N.Y., is still headed to Orlando with her family, not willing to miss out on the magical experience with her grandchildren, even though Disney will be closed beginning at 5 p.m. Thursday and expected to re-open Saturday.

Caroline Fitzgerald admitted she’s aware of the dangers heading to Orlando from Albany International Airport Thursday afternoon. Given Hurricane Matthew’s expected impact there, she says nothing will stop her from being with her other half, refusing to let him be alone in the storm.

“The love of my life’s down there and I really need to see him right now so yeah it’s a tough situation to be in.”

Another traveler coming from Orlando says she was relieved to get back to Albany after being evacuated Thursday morning.

“I was down in Jensen Beach and they were evacuating everybody because Jensen Beach is right along the river and they’re worried about flooding,” said Eileen Robbins from Oneonta.

“We’re going to Disney,” Jasinski said. “We were supposed to go tomorrow but we know that we won’t get there tomorrow, so we changed it to today.”

A local travel agent says if your flight was cancelled because of the storm, you should get a full refund for that flight or they will book you on the next available one.

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