Family says 10-year-old boy with special needs intentionally set on fire

KERRVILLE, Texas (CNN) – A Texas mom is demanding justice after she says two boys set her 10-year-old son on fire as he played in a field.

Now, the child is on life support with first and second-degree burns covering 20 percent of his body.

Kayden Culp is normally a happy 10-year-old.

“very live, funny, loud of course,” Ashley White, a family friend, said.

Now, he’s wrapped in bandages and connected to machines after being badly burned following a shed fire near his home.

“It was smoking, but it wasn’t fully at a blaze yet.”

On Sunday, White says she saw the fire but didn’t immediately realize how her loved one was involved.

“He needs justice. I mean, no kid deserves to go through anything he’s going through. At all, period.”

Relatives say the 10-year-old exhibits autistic behavior,  but hasn’t been diagnosed.

“He got a long road ahead of him, but he’s strong. He’s a strong little boy.”

Kayden’s bike remains surrounded by crime scene tape. It’s a symbol of his playful spirit at the center of an investigation into why this little boy is suffering.

The Kerrville fire marshal is investigating but a city spokeswoman won’t confirm whether investigators believe this was intentional.

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