Red light cameras expected to receive zero revenue in Albany’s proposed 2017 budget

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – The 35 red light cameras placed throughout Albany are proving not to be the money makers the city had once hoped for. The city has not come close to meeting the almost $2 million projected in this year’s budget.

Because of this, changes are being made in the proposed budget for next year.

This all came to light in at the city’s budget proposal meeting Monday night because in both 2015 and 2016, the city projected revenue of some $2 million a year from tickets.

Well they haven’t come close. As of August, the city only had about $360,000 total since the first of the year.

Those same figures News10ABC looked at in August showed the city was only brining in about 40-50 thousand dollars a month.

So right now they’re not even meeting the amount needed to pay the company, let alone making revenue.

In order to hit their projected numbers, they need to be getting at least $160,000 a month with total monthly income needed to be around $300,000 to cover the vendor and earn for the city.

Still, the mayor said she’s not worried.

The city said this just means drivers are paying attention, safety is up, and this was “never about the money”.

So it looks like the cameras are here to stay and good news is taxpayers are not paying for them.

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