Orphanage in Haiti run by local charity hit hard by Hurricane Matthew

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As Hurricane Matthew pummels an already fragile Haiti with rain, all that water is pouring into a Port Au Prince orphanage run by Clifton Park’s Cindy Schmehl.

“They live on the side of a hill and everything at that orphanage, from the moment that you enter, is completely down hill,” Schmehl said. “The orphanage has had flooding problems in the past, so we thought that with 40 inches of rain if that were to occur, the orphanage would just be devastated.”

Her organization, To Love a Child, has been helping out in Haiti since before the 2010 quakes.

“The children and the caretakers are all safe. Although they do have quite a bit of water in their facility, about three inches are in the classrooms and there’s a bit more in the orphanage itself.”

The water isn’t their biggest worry.

“For the orphanage, their worst fear is the spread of cholera.”

Schmehl says the village may be more than 1,600 miles away, but right here in the Capital Region, we can be a big help.

“We totally rely on the generosity of the people in the area.”

The organization says their orphanage will need upwards of $5,000 in repairs.

You can help the organization by donating here.

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