Family of Halle Schmidt speak out about their frustration regarding the investigation into her death

HILLSDALE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The family of Halle Schmidt says investigators told them on Monday what they believe happened to her, but they don’t feel justice will be fully served.

“It appears as if justice is apparently not going to be served as we had hoped,” Ron Love, Halle Schmidt’s Stepfather, said.

Riddled with anger and frustration, Halle Schmidt’s mother, stepfather and sister gathered outside a Hillsdale business to express their concern with the investigation surrounding her death.

Halle’s stepfather Ron says on Monday, the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office told him that a man, who the family does know of, allegedly admitted to dumping Halle’s body in a wooded area on Old Post Road in Kinderhook.

Love says investigators with the sheriff’s department told him that the man allegedly told investigators that Halle overdosed and that he did not want to get in trouble because he was already on parole and had a violation. He says investigators said the man dumped her body to avoid involving authorities.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office would not comment on this but did say they planned to have more information to release sometime on Tuesday.

Halle’s family says they tried to get Halle away from the man they say is accused of dumping her body and that the pair were possibly in some sort of abusive relationship.

Halle’s family says they were also told by the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office that a woman identified as Molly, who investigators said was a potential witness, was in the vehicle with Halle and the alleged suspect. As of now, no charges have been filed.

Love says investigators told him Halle was with the man and Molly at a hotel earlier that night but does not believe the alleged suspect told the truth about exactly what happened to her.

“I personally believe that there were drugs administered to her,” Love said. “Halle did not have any money on her own that night. Nobody’s going to give you drugs for free. She was drugged. What went on in that hotel that night before she was taken up to Old Post Road we don’t know, but we do know one person that does know.”

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