Student in wheelchair gets touchdown for rivalry game

Credit: WLOS

BUNCOMBE COUNTY, N.C. (ABC News) — Nothing brings out your best like a rival. Lou Stamey always looks forward to Canton versus Waynesville.

It means the future of Pisgah and Tuscola, one of the biggest rivalries in North Carolina.

“Oh yeah, come back in two weeks and there’ll be about 20,000 people here,” said Canton Coach, Josh Simmons.

The Mountaineers equally look forward to it. They’re glad to be apart of it.

For Lou, nothing will rival this one.

Before Lou’s dad unexpectedly passed away, he passed on a love for football.

Lou can’t say it, but you can see it.

“He loves football,” his mother said. “Don’t you, Lou? Got your game face on?”

Stamey was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

He lets his sign do the talking. It reads, “Eat My Dust.”

Canton Coach, Josh Simmons, drew up a play for this game so great, Waynesville wouldn’t even try to stop it.

“We’re just going four hole, just going to run outside right, really, we’ll play it slow and go with it,” he said.

It’s a simple play, with a special name.

A hand off to Lou, “Listen Lou, they’re cheering for you, you hear that?”

A push from classmate, Brayden West, “You got it? You got it?”

And Stamey showed off his wheels.

His mom cheered him on.

Lou made defenders fall, and his mom feel.

“Lou on 3, Lou on 3, 1,2,3 Lou, let’s go! Good job, Lou,” His team cheered.

Lou didn’t just score any 50 yarder, he scored on his biggest rival.

“That’s exactly, right. Against Waynesville, and we said no fumbles against Waynesville, right? That’s right,” Lou’s mother said.

The score didn’t count, but the teams made Lou’s day.

That counts more than anything.

Football at its best.

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