Woman accused of throwing baby in dumpster sentenced to 5 years in prison

HUDSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Columbia County woman who admitted to dumping her newborn in the trash last year is sentenced for first degree manslaughter. The Judge says it was one of the saddest cases he’s handled.

This was a disturbing case. Last Thanksgiving, an infant boy was found wrapped in a bag and tossed in the trash, but Tara Tomlin, 21, received the lightest sentence for her 1st degree manslaughter charge: Five years in prison.

Her defense attorney says she fell through the cracks. She never had any family support or care.

The young mother apologized and said something like that will never happen again before she was sentenced for dumping her baby in the trash.

Judge Nichols says this was one of the saddest cases he’s ever seen and District Attorney Paul Czajka agrees.

“There are so many people that would have loved to have taken care of that child,” Czajka said.

The young mother was an employee at an X-tra Mart in Livingston. Police say she gave birth in the restroom then did the unthinkable: Dumped her newborn.

Tomlin’s Attorney Mike Howard says she comes from a broken home and never really had guidance in her life. He says they don’t know who the father is and even in court, Tomlin had no family members there to comfort her.

Howard believes things may have ended differently for Tomlin and her baby if she had that support growing up.

“Periodically we see people in our everyday life that maybe if they got that support or guidance or care, if someone spends some time with them, maybe it would not have ended up that way,” Howard said. “At this time of year, maybe we should think about that.”

DA Czajka says this is a reminder to people that there are options out there to protect parents and the infant.

New York’s Safe Haven Law designated locations like hospitals and fire stations as a place parents can bring a newborn, no questions asked, and the parents will not face prosecution.

In this case, Tomlin is sentenced to five years in prison followed by five years on parole.


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