Officer adopts kitten rescued from storm drain

CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. (CNN)  – A rescue in California took several helping hands and paws.

With hours left in the workday, and on a Friday no less, Mike Jennings needed a break.

“I wasn’t having the best day at work,” Jennings, Assistant Manager at Roto-Rooter, said.

Jennings had responded to multiple calls when something caught his eye.

“I noticed a fireman working around a manhole and storm drain on Auburn.”

Sacremento Metro fire, animal control, and Citrus Heights Police responded, too.

“I went over there and went to see what it was,” Citrus Heights Officer Elena Calderon said.

Officer Calderon says it was her partners who sent her to the scene before anyone else.

“I was talking to the guy who found it, and you could hear the kitten in the storm drain meowing.”

For more than two hours, first responders tried to coax that kitty from the drain.

“I let him know that I had a sewer video inspection camera. In the process of running the camera up there and moving it around, the cat just came out,” Jennings said.

“Just somebody willing to stop and say, hey, how can I help? I’ve got this tool. Provided the opportunity to get this cat out pretty quickly and then, again, the best ending ever is that an officer adopting this little cat,” Sacramento Metro Fire Captain Michelle Eidam said.

And giving this little cat an appropriate name.

“Stormy from the storm drain,” Calderon said.

For months, officer Calderon searched for the perfect cat and Stormy happened to find her.

Officer Calderon says Stormy is happy and healthy, weighing in at almost two pounds.

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