In today’s age, people are waiting to retire for a variety of reasons

(NEWS10) – Retirement is supposed to be the time when a person steps away from the daily grind and enjoys a quieter existence.

But these days, many people are waiting later to retire. There are a variety of reasons they don’t want to stop working.

For many Americans, the definition of retirement is pretty simple, they can do what they want, when they want, but that idea is fading as fewer people are stopping at 65.

Government statistics show almost 20% of the work force is past retirement age and a survey by suggests that number will continue to grow.

Some reasons as to why include a need for income, and a need for health insurance. But a third reason they said they don’t want to stop working because they enjoy their jobs.

To figure out what time of life works best for you before you make that decision permanent, take retirement for a test drive. See how it feels and further determine if you can fill your retirement years with something fulfilling and increase your quality of life.

After all retirement is supposed to be your permanent vacation.

If you are seriously considering retiring, start creating healthy habits before leaving the work place. That might yield the biggest payoff after the last time you punch the clock.

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