11 new officers sworn into the Albany Police Department

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Albany Police Department added 11 new officers to its team on Friday.

They make up the first class of Albany’s Police Academy.

Like any proud dad, Marvin Graham snapped the first photo of his son, Curtis, as a police officer.

“He finally made it and I think he’s going to be great for it. He loves challenges,” Graham said.

Ten other young faces were sworn-in as Albany Police officers Friday morning at City Hall.

Chief Brendan Cox giving them 2 charges – be involved with the community ad treat everyone with dignity and respect.

“The criminal justice system certainly has some issues within and is broken in some places, but so is society. So if the first thing we do as human beings is treat each other with dignity and respect you’re more likely to have a positive outcome,” Chief Cox said.

The room is full of proud moms and dads, friends and neighbors, all understanding the challenges that lie ahead.

“Everything that’s happening across the country that’s so horrible and disgraceful really, for America, because the whole world is watching. I think we’re going to have very fresh thinking and that will spread,” Arnelle Ullrich, a friend of new Albany Officer, said.

“I think that’s what we ask of all young people, right, be part of the solution. Get involved in the community and make a difference,” Jon Buhner, dad of a new officer, said.

Graham says that’s all his son has ever wanted.

“This is his way, he feels, that he’s helping out, you know, to make a better society,” Graham said.

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