Will Brown, UAlbany Agree On Five-Year $1.75 Million Deal

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Entering his sixteenth season at the University at Albany, Will Brown is the longest tenured men’s basketball coach in the America East Conference.

UAlbany announced on Thursday, it would like to keep it that way.

Brown has an agreement in place for a new, five-year $1.75 million deal. He and athletic director Mark Benson are still working through specifics, but they said they should have a signed contract soon.

Brown said the contract has been in the works for years beginning back when Lee McElroy was still UAlbany’s AD.

He also mentioned the lasting impact it will have.

“It’s nice security to have for your family, but in the world of college basketball and Division I athletics, recruiting is the lifeline of your program and kids want to have an idea or they want to know that the coach that recruited them is gonna be at the place where they decide to go to school for four years,” he said.

“Coach has been in a position that long with success,” Benson said. “I think most people, the signal is, he’s doing a great job and we’ll just work together to get the deal together, correctly. The way we all want it.”

Since Brown’s been at UAlbany, the program has won five America East titles.

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