Mother says bullies urinated in autistic son’s water bottle at school

FOLSOM, Calif. (CNN) –  A mother says bullies dumped water out of her autistic son Michael’s water bottle and urinated it in the locker room.

“I felt heartbroken because I tried to make sense of the situation and everybody just seemed so dismissive,” Hilda Lozano, Michael’s mother, said.

Hilda says her son smelled it and it smelled bad so he poured it out in the drain holes inside the gym and noticed it was yellow and foamy.

She and her husband were on campus in a meeting to discuss the individual education program in place for their freshman, who’s been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum.   That’s when she got frantic calls from him about the urine.

She told him to come straight to the office where they were having their meeting, but she says vice principal Annie Conover stopped him.

“Apparently the school’s vice principal took the bottle from him, poured out the urine and then washed the bottle with soap and water, and then sent him to me. When I got out of a meeting, I went to look for her.”

“Their attitude was we’ll get around to it when we get to it,” Ricardo Lozano, Michael’s father, said. “That’s the perception we got, which I’m pretty sure if they had children in their school and someone had urinated in their kids’ water bottle, they would think it’s an urgent concern.”

The school district said they are investigating the incident.

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