Forum being held on controversial issue “death with dignity”

(NEWS10) – It’s a controversial discussion being had across the country: Should people be granted the “right to die” if and when they choose?

So called “death with dignity” acts being discussed in several states, including a bill proposed right here in New York.

This is an issue that is highly controversial and has been talked about for years now. All states across the US have their own particular stance. California, Oregon, and Washington are the only three states where it’s legal.

New York is one of the states considering it in their next legislative session.

For some, hearing death with dignity, 29-year-old Brittany Maynard may come to mind. She was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and made it public that she moved to Oregon just so that she could end her life peacefully and on her time.

Now if the law is passed in New York, it will allow a terminally ill patient to request a prescription for life-ending medication that must only be self-administered. There are a number other requirements as well.

For example, a patient must be at least 18-years-old. They must pass an exam proving they’re capable of making their own health care decisions.

Also, two separate doctors would have to sign off confirming the patient’s disease would result in death in six months.

Now, those who oppose the bill say it’s hypocritical to show compassion for these patients to take their own life but call it tragedy when anyone else commits suicide.

The forum will be held at the Colonie Public Library on Albany Shaker Road at 12:15pm and will go until 2pm.


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