Pygmy goat owners fighting to keep their therapy pet

HUDSON FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Coca Rose may not have been born a therapy animal, but it was obvious to home health aide Carol Terrio that that’s what the little goat was destined to become for her client Greg Cutler.

Greg suffers from Parkinson’s.

“I said Greg this is what I got you for an Easter present. Would you like her on your lap and he just fell right in love with her,” Terrio said.

“The benefit is that my husband is not sitting glued to the television set. He is interacting with an animal and that makes him more responsive to interacting with people,” Cindy Cutler said.

“She’s someone for me to talk to believe it or not,” Greg Cutler said.

Their Hudson Falls neighbors also seem to enjoy Coca Rose’s company as well.

“All sorts of people stop and grab branches off the trees and want the goat to eat the leaves,” Barry, a neighbor, said.

Coca Rose seems to have also gotten someone’s goat, namely the Hudson Falls building inspector. The inspector came by their Pearl Street home and told the Cutler’s that any animals considered livestock can’t  reside within the village limits.

“She weighs 30 pounds, she’s housebroken and crate trained. I said how does that make her livestock if she’s just a goat? And he said, ‘Oh no. You have to get rid of the goat’,” Cindy said.

To make sure Coca Rose wouldn’t be a scapegoat, the Cutler’s hoofed over to city hall with letters from Gary’s doctors and proof that the goat has been trained as an emotional support animal.

The village has agreed to allow for a hearing to consider granting the Cutler’s A Special Use Variance, allowing Coca Rose to stay put.

“That’s what she’s asking for. If there’s enough proof, that will be up to the board to decide,” Building Inspector Ross Cortese said.

A hearing to decide Coca Rose’s date will be held on Oct 24 at 6:30 p.m.

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