Six months later, mold still on walls, ceiling of local DPW building

SCHUYLERVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Six months since NEWS10 ABC first brought you the story of the mold problem in the Schuylerville Department of Public Works Garage, mold is still on the walls and ceilings.

DPW Supervisor Rob Decker and team have been working out of a converted shipping container since March.

“We squeeze five guys and if you don’t like what they’re eating that day you suffer through it,” Decker said.

The new digs are the lap of luxury compared to where they used to be forced to work in their black mold infested garage. After a long battle over health concerns with the village, the village finally brought in a temporary office space next to their moldy garage, but the problem still lingers.  

“Not a whole lot has changed,” said Decker.

The black mold still has yet to be removed even though workers have to go in and out of the building to get equipment.

“We still got to go and get our tools and what not out of these to do our everyday jobs so our mowers and everything is in there.”

Decker says the village wants to repair the damaged and leaking roof first so the mold problem doesn’t persist. However, the project, including mold remediation, could cost upwards of $100,000.

“We need to stop the rain from coming I obviously the new roof the new tin needs to be put on.”

The village of Schuylerville is currently accepting construction bids to fix the roof  until October 6th. They’ll open those bids shortly afterward and then plan to have a meeting to discuss them on October 12th at 7 p.m.

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