Residents of Hoosick Falls back on list to get water

HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Some people, who still refuse to drink the water in Hoosick Falls and are not able to pick up bottled water themselves, say after three weeks of being cut off from water delivery they finally got water on Monday.

“I even said to Deputy Mayor, I’m really sad about this was handled very poorly,” Loreen Hackett, a resident of Hoosick Falls, said.

Hackett says she suffers from numerous health issues and is on disability. After three weeks of not receiving her normal bottled water delivery to her Hoosick Falls home, she realized she wasn’t the only person cut from the delivery list now that Saint Gobain took over delivery from volunteers.

After NEWS10 ABC’s Lindsay Nielsen inquired about the issue Friday, in an email Mayor Dave Borge said some people were removed from the list, but he would not explain why. According to a consent order with Saint Gobain a new set of guidelines for those eligible was set forth here, stating those who wish to receive delivery must get approval and provide justification to the village clerk.

Later on Friday another email from Borge stated:

“The Village is not asking residents to prove they meet these criteria. If a resident requests deliveries, the Village will inform Saint-Gobain and the individual will be added to the list.”

On Tuesday, an email requested by NEWS10 ABC’s Lindsay Nielsen from the village written on September 5th, Mayor Borge says to the village clerk: “staff will ask for written validation of age and physical limitations and or a physicians written recommendation.

Hackett, the founder of PFOA Project NY, says most of the people who told her they were also cut from the list did receive water delivery again on Monday. Many say they still want to know why they were removed from the list in the first place, without warning and never being asked to provide any information.

“How the village clerks determine is still up for question,” Hackett said.

The village clerk said Mayor Borge could not speak to NEWS10 ABC and he has not responded to any emails.

One man called me a short time ago, he says his father is  77 years old lives on a third floor and is still not getting water delivery as he used to.

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