Local lawmakers react to NY corruption arrests


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New York lawmakers are already talking about how the allegations in the complaint will change things in Albany.

Local representatives say this points back to the need to have stronger ethics laws and restore the public’s faith in their government.

This lengthy complaint calls the alleged corruption a “multi-year bribery scheme” by some of Governor Cuomo’s top aides and allies.

The allegations are inside a nearly 80-page complaint outline, what is being called a classic quid pro quo.

Local lawmakers say it’s just another instance causing the public to lose trust in its government.

The 12 count complaint alleges bribery, corruption, and fraud connected to hundreds of millions of dollars in state money and benefits.

Government watchdog, Blair Horner, says it’s disheartening to again be talking about corruption in Albany.

“Its an unbelievable scheme. I think the allegations in the US attorney’s complaint are a bombshell in terms of how state government works,” Horner said.

A blow to all officials the public puts their trust in.

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin says it’s best these allegations have been uncovered.

“It’s good for the state of New York. You’ve got to get rid of corruption in government or you can’t have a functioning successful government or society,” McLaughlin said.

On the other side of the aisle, Assemblyman John McDonald says moving forward those in government should take this as a learning opportunity, saying it’s crucial for dealings like this to be honest.

“When organizations are able to operate with public money in a non transparent fashion, it’s a recipe for corruption,” McDonald said.

The lengthy complaint alleges former top Cuomo aide and long time friend of the governor, Joe Perocco, lined his own pockets with bribes from companies and in return, promised to award them bids for government projects.

A former top Cuomo aide and a personal friend of the governor, Joseph Percoco is accused of lining his own pockets. In return, he’s accused of helping to award bids to the companies paying him to do so.

Calling that money “ziti, a nod to the popular mobster television series, “The Sopranos.”

“Basically viewed the governor’s economic development programs and energy policies as a gold rush where they were supposed to hand over fist make as much money as they can,” Horner said.

Many are saying now, the whole system of how bids are made and accepted, needs to change.

“They could be written to favor people and that’s wrong. And historically, I bet there are many developers watching this right now saying, ‘Yeah I got shut out,'” McDonald said.

“Those of us that are trustworthy and those of us who aren’t. And the problem is the public, they don’t know who that is. And many times we don’t know who that is,” McLaughlin said.

Many are asking for the harshest punishment if these allegations are found to be true.

“They should be dragged away and horsewhipped in my opinion. It’s a violation of public trust and no one should be able to do that,” Horner said.

It’s important to note that the governor is not mentioned as having any part in these allegations.

But local lawmakers say if what’s in these pages turns out to be true, Cuomo will have questions to answer.



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