Pittsfield police are investigating a series of motor vehicle break-ins

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – A string of car break-ins are happening in a quiet Pittsfield community.

For many in the community, It’s an unsettling feeling to get in your car and realize your belongings aren’t there. That happened to multiple people, including a grandma who’s worried about the information saved on her GPS that got swiped.

A man with a large duffle bag on his shoulder tried to enter a locked car, but that wasn’t the case for several other cars in the area.

“He opened the door to my glove compartment and my center console. Everything was emptied on the seat and the floor.”

The grandmother of four, who did not want to be identified, was disturbed to find that her GPS was gone.

“My concern about the GPS is it has addresses of places I go and people I visit. I’m nervous about who’s gonna see those addresses.”

Pittsfield Police says she’s just one victim in a string of car break-ins.

“We never had this problem in this area, it’s one of the reasons I moved out of downtown to come up here by the water,” local celebrity boxing champ Todd, “The Punisher,” Poulton said.

Poulton says a bike was stolen from his place, warning whoever did it, that he’s not afraid to live up to his name.

“I wish I coulda been sleeping in the garage the other day, I would’ve handled it my way.”

The doors will be locked tight from now on. It’s a sad necessity that has this Pittsfield native looking back on her childhood.

“We had everything here, it was wonderful, things aren’t like that anymore.”

Addiction, she speculates, is to blame.

“Money to buy drugs, sell what you can get, what you can sell, and buy drugs.”

She’s hoping someone will recognize this suspect soon. In the meantime, learning a tough lesson that no area, no matter how safe is immune to crime.

“Especially when you leave your car unlocked, which we will never do again I guarantee it.”

Pittsfield Police ask that if you recognize the suspect seen trying to open that car door to give them a call. As always, they recommend keeping car doors locked.

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