People who’ve “never seen buses before” caught taking pics at local elementary school

BRUNSWICK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local school district is letting people know of an incident where two people were taking pictures of school buses on school property.

Officials say there is no immediate threat at the Tamarac School and the sheriff’s office does not believe this was suspicious. Federal authorities are now looking to speak with the people who were taking photos here Monday.

“It kind of took me off guard. I mean with the recent situations that have been happening around the country especially in New York City I was a little bit concerned,” William Roberts, of Brunswick, said.

William Roberts reacting to a report that came about Monday at his daughter’s school.

According to the Rensselaer County Sheriff’s Office and the Brunswick Brittonkill Central School District, on Monday during dismissal time outside the Tamarac Elementary School, parents and staff noticed a couple taking photos of the school buses. The Elementary Principal went out to speak with the pair who said they were from out of the country and had never seen buses before. The pair left and the principal was able to get their license plate and vehicle description. State Police and The Rensselaer County Sheriff’s Office responded.

The sheriff’s office says the man and woman are from Holland and arrived here at the Boston Airport on the 15th. They say they do not believe there is any credible threat at this time. Federal authorities are involved and want to speak with the pair before they leave to go back home Wednesday evening from the airport to make sure there is no issue.

Superintendent Angelina Maloney says the “see something, say something” motto is working.

“We share with them, hey you know if you see something that looks odd just tell us. There’s nothing too stupid and the kids have been really great about that,” Maloney said.

She says it’s challenging for school districts to know the point when it becomes important to tell people.

“I just did a gut check and you know, it felt funny and I just would rather be safe than sorry.”

“They’re looking and that’s important. They did a great job,” Roberts said.

The superintendent says after sending a letter to parents more people came forward saying they remembered other odd encounters here recently with strangers. One incident on Monday where a woman approached the gym doors at the elementary school saying she was looking for the County ARC which is nearby.

There was a similar report made at the Shenendehowa School District but the school says it was unfounded. In that incident, the person taking pictures there was a grandparent of a student who was visiting from China.

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