NY Education Department releases recommendations to change Common Core

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – After nearly a year of talking with teachers and parents, the New York State Education Department released its recommended changes to Common Core standards.

The public will have one last say before those revisions are final.

Last school year, 20 percent of New York students opted out of standardized tests.

The resistance sparked significant changes in the state’s common core rollout. On Wednesday, some of those changes are revealed.

State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia formed two committees of more than 130 parents and teachers to draft recommendations to math and English standards.

“Made sure that while they are still rigorous standards, that they are clearly defined for teachers across the state,” Elia said.

Draft changes to English include melding fiction and non-fiction literature and making sure the standards are developmentally appropriate.

“We worked with experts in the field of child development and that is part of what was included in the recommendations in K-2.”

Elia says changes to math would create consistent standards through all grade levels.

“That is spiral from grade to grade, and that those things be coherent as they are being discussed in a second grade classroom with continuity up to third, fourth and fifth.”

There will be a public comment period until November 4.

For people to weigh in before the recommendation standards are brought before the Board of Regents.

The new draft learning standards for ELA and mathematics are available on SED’s AIMHighNY website for public review and comment. To review the new draft standards for ELA, visit: http://www.nysed.gov/draft-standards-english-language-arts. To review and comment on the ELA standards, please download the grade level you would like to comment on and then complete the survey questions.

To review the new draft standards for mathematics, visit: http://www.nysed.gov/draft-standards-mathematics. To comment on mathematics, please download the Mathematics Standards Glossary as well as the grade level you would like to comment on and then complete the survey questions. The surveys include questions about the draft standards as well as a comment box for each section.

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