NEWS10’s Jimmy Marlow

Jimmy Marlow V is a native of Jacksonville, Florida and has been with the News10 team since October of 2015.

Jimmy attended Valdosta State University in southern Georgia from 2007-2012, and majored in film production. After college that production background helped him land a job as an associate producer at First Coast News- WTLV,WJXX in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida.

During his time there Jimmy worked his way from A.P. to full-time photographer, handling live shots, sweeps stories, and even some of his own stories as a “one-man band.”

After 3 years at FCN, and a brief stent out of news, Jimmy was contacted by News 10 ABC, and ultimately accepted a reporter position here in the Capital Region. Jimmy’s passion within local news is detailed storytelling that combines compelling auditory with aesthetic visual aspects of every story; he will do anything to make an idea come alive for our viewers.

When he’s not jumping out of planes or searching for story ideas, Jimmy is normally at the gym or eating A LOT of food at one of the Capital Regions fantastic restaurants. If you see Jimmy out and about, say “what’s up!”

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