Homeless heroes credited for bringing backpack bomb to NJ Police

NEW JERSEY (NEWS10) – Two men are being hailed heroes after discovering the bag full of pipe bombs in Elizabeth, New Jersey late Sunday night.

Ivan White and Lee Parker, who is homeless, were taking a walk late that night when they stumbled upon the black backpack. White is on a fixed income.

A backpack was something Parker had been looking for during an upcoming job search.

His companion left to go in a nearby store, but when Parker picked up the bag, he called his friend to come back and take a look at what he saw inside.

“He said ‘you need to take a look at this you need to take a look at this.’ So I picked up the bag looked at it we started walking, then I put the bag down, looked inside it one more time and said ‘this is a bomb, we need to go get the police,” White explained.

Both white and Parker set the backpack down and walked about 5 minutes to the police station to let authorities know they found something suspicious.

The two are being praised for potentially saving lives and eventually leading to the arrest of Ahmad Khan Rahami.

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