FM frequencies being used for Project Life Saver to track kids, elders

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Project Life Saver is a program meant to keep those with autism, Alzheimer’s dimension, or a traumatic brain injury safe from wandering incidents.

It’s been active in the Capital Region since 2013, and it uses old technology in a new way to be able to pin point the location of a person using FM frequencies.

The program consists of a band transmitter, which is not much larger than a wrist watch, placed on the ankle or wrist. This band transmits an FM radio frequency, one is assigned to each client specifically, which can be located by sheriff deputies during an incident, using hand held radio frequency receiver up to one mile away.

In a situation where a loved one has gone missing and the family is searching with that person non where in sight, project life savers use of the FM radio frequencies like the ones in our car can lead the officer to that individual in a matter of minutes.

The program is open to in Albany County and has a history of wandering or significant concern of wandering.

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