Family remembers local woman with a ‘field of dreams’

EAST GREENBUSH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A Capital Region woman, who inspired special needs athletes everywhere, has passed away.

Jaime Adams leaves behind her parents, four siblings, and an athletic field bearing her name that will continue to inspire. Adams was the inspiration for the unique field.

She passed away Monday, but her family says the field will ensure that her legacy lives on.

“I will miss her smile, her bright blue eyes, all the loving she gave us,” her father, Burke Adams, said.

Burke Adams stands on the field he worked tirelessly to build for his daughter, Jaime, and where they shared so many great memories together, such as playing football just this past weekend.

“You wouldn’t know like 14 hours later, she was going to be gone, but it was just awful, I’m going to miss her,” he says.

Jaime passed away in her sleep on Monday at age 32.

She had Rett syndrome, a rare genetic mutation affecting brain development, making it difficult for her to move or speak, but that didn’t stop her from playing sports or communicating.

“’Dad, it’s going to be okay,’ I mean she couldn’t say it but you could tell with her eyes and her and the smile she would give you,” Burke said.

And she was smiling in 2009 for the grand opening of the Jaime M. Adams field – the first special needs athletic field in the U.S. to offer soccer, football, baseball, and track and field, where Burke will continue to coach, keeping Jaime’s memory alive.

“It’s worth it to me when the kids say it to me, Coach Burke, I love you, thank you,” he said.

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