Voorheesville School District to cover costs of blood testing after taps have lead

VOORHEESVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Recent legislation now requires schools to test for lead at the tap, and one local school is dealing with high levels of the contaminant.

Voorheesville Elementary School found three locations that had levels over the state safe limit.

Lead poisoning, especially in children, can result in developmental delays, learning disabilities, and even memory loss. One local mom says her daughter, now an adult went to this elementary school and has suffered from lead poisoning her whole life.

Deborah Schultz’s daughter is now 26 years old but got lead poisoning when she was just a child. Schultz remembering it as a very difficult time.

“She had lead poisoning from the apartment and we’re trying we did the lead abatement in the hospital.”

Then just recently finding out recently the water at Voorheesville elementary where her daughter attended school was contaminated too.

“And we are trying to bring her lead levels down and she was drinking them so that was very frustrating.”

Three taps inside the elementary school tested above the state limit of 15 parts per billion. School officials notified parents with a letter, turned off the contaminated taps, and held an informational meeting.

“That water needs to be tested. That information does need to go back to the parents because they’re asking questions. We need to provide them with the information.”

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara says its situations like this that made passing the recent law on testing at the tap so important.

“You can see how important it is. Because if you can’t rely on clean safe water. These are essentials.”

He says eventually piping in older schools should be completely replaced.

“There’s no cost, you can put on the safety of our children when we send them to school.”

Schultz saying she feels bad for parents who are dealing with this issue now, not wanting them to go through what she has. She is adamant that testing needs to be done in all New York schools immediately.

“All these children. Just thousands and thousands of children could be affected by this lead.”

Santabarbara says this problem points to a bigger infrastructure issue across the state and an emergency fund is needed to help with fixes.

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