Major water supply system shut off in Albany to fix sinkhole, restrictions issued

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – While the massive sinkhole in Albany has been filled, crews are still working on replacing the water main that burst and created the mess in the first place.

The good news is, they’re in the home stretch. The ground gave way back on August 2 at the corner of South Lake Ave. and Elberon Place, swallowing an SUV and a utility pole and evacuated an apartment building.

Altogether about 100 feet of new piping will be installed.

The commissioner of the city’s Water Department warned us from the beginning that this was a massive undertaking.

Not only did hundreds of gallons of gushing water blow out a gaping hole underground, but a large steel valve also blew right off the pipe, smashing a section of the sewer line that ran below.

And all of the dirt and cobblestone that once filled that sinkhole had to go somewhere. Well, it went down and clogged that sewer line. So workers had to dig it all out by hand.

It was the equivalent of 100 dump truck loads of debris.

Lastly, they installed 80 feet of new storm drain piping to help with the notorious flooding in the area.

The city’s Water Commissioner tells NEWS10 from here on out crews will be there around the clock and it should take them about 3 or 4 days, then they’ll clear out and things will finally get back to normal and much quieter for the people who live nearby.

“I moved in the day this happened and right from then the last few weeks have been around the clock construction and a disruption to daily life, but it’s important that this gets done. It’s really something that is long overdue that the city has to fix. Even though it has been an inconvenience it could have been so much worse,” said Justin Devendorf, Albany.

The city still has a water restriction in place for just a few more days to preserve the water supply.

They’re reminding everyone not to water your lawns and don’t wash your cars. There is no lawn watering, either by automatic systems or manual methods, no hosing of sidewalks or driveways and no filling of swimming pools.

Watering of flower and vegetable gardens is permitted by hand. Failure to comply with these restrictions may result in a fine.

If you have questions about these restrictions, call the Department of Water & Water Supply at 434-5300.

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