Funeral director caught taking selfies with caskets

HOUSTON (CNN) – A Texas funeral home is apologizing after a funeral director is caught taking selfies with a casket.

On Saturday, Rose Molina’s family laid her cousin to rest.

On the day of mourning she couldn’t believe what she saw. She says David Jones, the funeral director, took what appeared to be a selfie with her cousin’s casket behind him.

Soon after, she went to his Facebook page. She says she found numerous photos of Jones with caskets and hearses.

She approached Jones to ask him about the suspected selfie of her cousin’s casket right after she says she saw him take the photo.

She said he told her he was just checking his tie.

“It’s very insensitive. It’s a lack of respect for that time. We trusted him to respect this day in our family’s life,” Molina said.

Leal Funeral declined an on-camera interview but did say they’ve apologized to family. They also said Jones declined our request for an interview.

We also were not able to reach him by phone.

Molina plans to file a complaint with the Texas Funeral Service Commission.

The commission says it could be considered unprofessional conduct. That carries anything from a warning to a $5,000 fine.

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