Firefighters working with new technology to quicken fire rescues

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New firefighter technology will change the way first responders find people during a fire.

There are two new pieces of equipment, including a prototype mask with an infrared camera. It uses thermal imaging technology, so firefighters can see a clear image of the person they need to save regardless of the amount of smoke in the room.

The second piece of equipment is a thermal imaging remote that can change modes to see different ranges of body heat even if the person hasn’t been there for a few minutes.

“If we look at the cell phone technology 20 years ago, we were carrying these huge bricks,” Albany Co. Fire Coordinator Jerry Paris said. “Now, they are tiny handheld devices that basically have a little computer in them that puts everything at our fingertips. Well, that same technology is the same for emergency responders, police, fire or EMS.”

The prototype mask retails around $1,400. It is being tested now and will have some modifications made to fit better on each firefighter’s face. The thermal imaging remote comes in around $400 and is available now.

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