Amtrak experiences delays after bombings in New York and New Jersey

RENSSELAER, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A number of trains ran behind schedule on Monday at the Amtrak Train Station in Rensselaer due to bombings in New York and New Jersey.

Amtrak released a statement apologizing for the delays. The company said service was suspended on Sunday due to the police activity in Elizabeth, N.J.; therefore, some delays and cancellations carried over. However, many travelers were more concerned with the reason behind the delays rather than the inconvenience.

“The trains keep getting delayed,” Michelle Ninstant said. “I think it’s maybe a sign not to go.”

Ninstant was one of many people from around the Capital Region with mixed feelings about hopping on a train to the Big Apple amid the investigation into two separate explosions, which police now are connected.

It’s a commute she and her co-worker, Salvatore Ingalls, take about once a month. This time, though, Ninstant said she’s feeling a little apprehensive.

“Since we’re staying in Jersey and we work in New York City, I’m very nervous,” she said.

Ingalls tried to keep her mind at ease and reassured her that the city is likely one of the safest places to be with security at full force.

“I figured with the police presence down there and the military, things would be fine,” he said.

Lori Nicholson, of Pittstown, hopes that’s the case. Monday was her first time to New York since she was a child.

“We’re headed to New York City to see Adele at Madison Square Garden,” she said. “We’re super excited, but we’re not excited about the bombing. We’re kind of nervous.”

She already has a plan in place for how she’s going to get to the show safely.

“I’m not walking,” she said. “I just wanna get in a cab and go and just go down and come back.”

Not only is she headed to one of the most prominent concert venues in the world, she’s also staying 10 blocks from the sight of Saturday’s explosion.

One man with little fear and all the confidence in law enforcement is former New York Governor George Pataki.

“We’ve known since my time as governor, since September 11, that places like Grand Central Station and Penn Station will always be targets,” he said.

As he waited for his train to Penn Station, he said not to fear and New Yorkers are in good hands.

“I think what happened is awful, and it does mean we have to be vigilant, but I have no qualms,” he said. “I’m headed on the train down to Penn Station to work in New York. We have the best emergency services in the city and state, and I’m confident they’ll do what is necessary to protect us.”

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