The Schoharie community builds new playground


SCHOHARIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — After years of needing repairs following Hurricane Irene, a popular Schoharie space got a new life today, all thanks to a $15,000 “Kaboom” grant from Dr. Pepper and Snapple.

The money came from a national non-profit, but the rebuild came mostly from the people who plan to use the new property.

Leaving their fingerprints where they’ll leave their footprints for years to come.

The Schoharie Reformed Church, finally able to rebuild their playground today, will have a playground always open not only for churchgoers, but for the community.

“That’s what we want it to be for, space that’s well used and available when the school playground isn’t,” Pastor Michael Meyer-Veen said.

Pastor Michael Meyer-Veen says the new playground was years in the making, and hit a few bumps along the road, making it that much more rewarding to see it underway.

Plans were initially made in August 2011, but Hurricane Irene washed those dreams away, putting them on hold.

“It was pretty well wiped out except for a pair of swings,” Meyer-Veen said.

Even with only those swings spared, the space stayed popular, so the church knew they had to move forward with the renovations.

“It means a new life, and new joys for our community and all the families and kids in it to have a place to play and spend their days,” Meyer-Veen said.

A community space was put back together by the community itself.

Many local families came out to lend a helping hand, installing even more swings, a toddler section, adult fitness equipment, and more ADA accessibility.

“It’s wonderful to help the kids learn to appreciate the space and to be able to enjoy it and really make it their own,” Meyer-Veen said.

The Schoharie Reformed Church says donations are still needed.

If you’d like to help out, they ask that you contact them directly.

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