Local non-profit seeks donations to send aide to Louisiana flood victims

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local non-profit organization has a warehouse filled with furniture for Louisiana flood victims but not enough trucks to ship it all down South.

Lives that took decades to build were destroyed overnight in Louisiana. Families continue to struggle after they lost everything in the devastating floods.

But help is on the way. Jezreel International is donating furniture to the families in need.

“If you figure this, if 40, 50 or 60-thousand people without flood insurance – think about that a moment,” Jezreel International Exec. Dir. Barry Feinman said. “We need 40 or 50-thousand couches. We need 40 to 50-thousand dressers minimally. So the need is off the charts.”

Bedding, chairs, dressers, paper goods and even washing machines. Household items easily taken for granted, but they can be a ray of hope for flood victims.

“Wives and husbands with kids and they don’t know what to do because there’s no flood insurance,” Jim Pratt with Jezreel International and Veterans Miracle Center said. “They have no way to cover half this stuff.”

Crews loaded up a second truck on Friday, but they have a lot more furniture and not enough trucks. Now, they need the public’s help to get the rest of the items to Louisiana.

Because when a natural disaster takes everything, there’s only one place left to turn.

“It’s us,” Pratt said. “It’s other people like us. Other Americans who say, ‘You know what? We are going to help these folks. We’re going to get behind them.’”

Donations from the community will help Jezreel International cover the costs of moving the remaining furniture.

Click here to donate.

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